So why attend one of our classes? We decided to launch Story Stars as we wanted to provide a complete story experience - combining a love for books with hands on sensory play.  Research supports the fact that interactive story telling and sensory play is beneficial for babies from birth in a multitude of ways.


  • Provides information about the world around us

  • Helps build memory and communication skills

  • Stimulates imagination

  • Develops language and vocabulary

  • Promotes a lifelong love for reading.

Sensory Play

  • Encourages curiosity and exploration

  • Promotes creativity and self discovery

  • Stimulates cognitive development

  • Develops fine and gross motor skills

  • Fosters positive social interaction and co-operation.

As teachers we consider these reasons to be fantastic stepping-stones in developing vital life long skills. As mums ourselves, we know how important spending quality time with your baby is and want to create a fun environment where you can make special memories and watch your amazing little human flourish.