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I love a good question! Please do message me if you have any questions about Story Stars. Here are a few of the questions I get asked regularly. 

What is the structure of a Story Stars session?

A Story Stars session lasts for 45 minutes. We start the session on our story blanket, where there will be a story sack and percussion instrument. We will read the story together using our props, puppets and parachutes. Next, we will have around 25 minutes to explore the sensory and messy play activities - all of which are based around the book. We finish the session with bubbles and our goodbye song. 

What is in the messy play?

I know that all babies love to explore with their mouths! All of our messy play is 100% edible and baby safe. Each week, the messy play will be different and based around the story. I will let you know what the messy play consists of each week. None of our messy play contains any milk based products. Please do let me know any known allergies on the booking form and I will try our best to accommodate all babies. 


Is there a difference between the two different age group sessions?

Babies under 12 months are more than welcome to attend the 0-18 month class. There’s no difference in content between the 0-12 month and 0-18 month classes. There may just be a few more mobile babies in the 0-18 month classes. Most of the little ones booked onto our later class for next term are under 12 months. Some people with younger babies prefer the later class, as it fits better with naps and nursery drops off etc.

Do the books change each term?

I often get asked about the repetition of books each term. I have enough planned stories for two terms worth of adventures and then the books get repeated. I see this as a good developmental step. In early childhood, repetition forms the basis for learning, skill development, and accomplishment. Due to the fact that the children will be that much older, I also find that they access the activities in different ways. 

How long is a term?

The terms differ in length as they run alongside the school term dates. These can vary from 4,5,6 or 7 weeks in length. The price of the term will be reflective of this. Booking is for the full term and can be done through our website. I do offer free trial sessions for new customers.

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